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Life is like a box of hamberders...

As a blissfully ignorant childlike character who has stumbled into prominent roles on the world stage, Donald Trump shares much in circumstances (if little in spirit) with beloved character Forrest Gump.

When DJT launched a Tweet-storm blaming Californians for wildfires while repeatedly misspelling "forest" with two "r"s he only cemented the subconscious connection. Add in their rhyming names, and portraying one slow-witted pawn of history as the other seemed natural.

We know that Trump isn't as harmless or lovable as Gump, but with humor perhaps we can de-fang him; looking beyond the emperor's clothes, nuclear codes and demagogic personality to his laughable frailties and bottomless naivete. 


15 oz. mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe