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For all the mindless drivel that escapes Donald Trump's mouth, mind and stubby Twitter fingers, no nugget has been so mysteriously captivating as his midnight tweet of “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”

It was May of 2017 and a worried nation still hoped its newly installed delusional blowhard in chief might pivot to a more conventional posture befitting the office - those were the days! We've since confirmed that Trump has no shame, no morality and no spellcheck...but at the time, this tweet was baffling.

Was it a typo, a stroke, a secret code? The message was never corrected and the White House even intimated the brain fart was intentional launching 1000 memes. Here's one interpretation: covfefe re-imagined as a famous coffee brand with a certain harbinger of doom as its parody logo.

Also available on a coffee mug.


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