Trump vs. Fictional Villains: INTRO

When Donald Trump was declared President of the United States of Carnage, non-deplorable citizens were appalled; an impossible predicament as sinister as any super-villain plan had seemingly come to fruition. In real life!

So where is the comeuppance?

If popular culture has taught us anything – and let’s face it, it teaches us EVERYTHING – it’s that the bad guy cannot prosper in the end... an undoing must be in the works.  Even General Zod made it all the way to the Oval Office before his downfall, so The Donald’s White House win has not guaranteed ultimate victory.

Trump has put children in cages, embraced thugs, indulged in graft, unleashed business on the environment, normalized racism, shunned immigration and besmirched true heroes. Is this enough to make him one of the great villains of modern times?

Michael Cohen’s testimony gave us some insight, while the impending Mueller Report promises more the meantime enjoy this comparison of DJT to infamous fictional foils; hopefully it shall be fun and informative for those seeking to understand his rise, oppose him if necessary, or enjoy a few laughs to keep from crying.


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