Trump Villain Comp I : Darth Vader

Trump v. Darth Vader (Star Wars)

Trump Darth VaderPerhaps it was a harbinger of doom that the Skywalker Saga returned to theaters just as the 2016 presidential campaign was heating up – it should have served to remind of the dangers of evil rulers who are rooted in the selfish dark side of life.

Cinematic Annekin is dead, but he still casts a shadow across that far-away galaxy and our own; Trump strategist Steve Bannon actually  identified Darth Vader, Dick Cheney and Satan as individuals who inspired his political machinations. Yes, really.

SIMILARITIES: They each display stunted emotional development and believe they should be granted absolute power.

As family men, both abandoned the mothers of their children, leaving offspring to be raised in separate environments.

Both hide their heads beneath hardened polymer helmets, demand absolute fealty/loyalty from subordinates (dispatching them when it’s lacking), employ mind-tricks to convince simpletons of alternate facts, work to undermine democratic institutions, and tend to fail miserably despite seemingly invincible positions: Vader’s impenetrable Death Star was destroyed by a ragtag group of rebels and Trump somehow went bankrupt running a casino.

DIFFERENCES: Vader came from humble beginnings and is more truly the self-made man Trump pretends to be. Trump hasn’t destroyed a whole planet...yet.

DOWNFALL: Vader is undone when his prodigal son finds an inner strength to defy his father’s evil plans for joint domination. Frankly it doesn’t seem that either Donny or Erik has it in them...we’re gonna need another plan.

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