Trump Villain Comp IV : Titanic Iceberg

Part four of a series comparing Donald Trump to notorious fictional foils from recent pop culture – analyzing the similarities, differences, and downfalls that might present clues on how to take down The Donald.

Iceberg (Titanic)

Trump Iceberg TitanicAs soon as he was spotted on the political horizon, many pundits recognized Donald Trump as a looming disaster to be avoided lest he sink the ship of state, while supporters consider him an unstoppable force of nature...thus a comparison to the Titanic’s iceberg might actually work for both sides.

SIMILARITIES: They are both very white, slippery, and display a magnetic attraction to yuuuge super-luxury properties. Each seems determined to prevent immigrants from reaching American shores. Both float through life blissfully unaware of the consequences of their actions.

DIFFERENCES: Unlike an iceberg, Trump has no hidden depth. Unlike Trump, an iceberg can’t be blamed for its path of destruction. Only one of them believes in climate change.

DOWNFALL: There really was no downfall for the iceberg: audiences hated Billy Zane so much that its reputation escaped the film largely unscathed.

The glacier ruined countless lives with mindless destruction that should have been an unforgivable PR disaster, but just kept on going. Sound PREVIOUS: familiar?

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