Trump Villain Comp II : Hannibal Lecter

Hannibal Lecter (Thomas Harris Novels/Films)

This serial-killing cannibal psychiatrist is simultaneously one of media’s most frightening characters AND most compelling – a demonstrably immoral figure who we can’t help but watch and wonder just what he’ll do next.

Sound familiar?

SIMILARITIES: Both men were born to local royalty, received the finest educations available, and proudly circulate amongst society’s elite behind a smirking front that makes it impossible to suspect the evil lurking within. Both are generally surrounded by mentally ill people and are obsessed with not only vanquishing victims, but annihilating and devouring them.

DIFFERENCES: Lecter hides his monstrous side and is clever enough to cover his tracks, where Trump is proudly horrific and brazenly felonious.

The Donald grabs women by the pussy, where Dr. Lecter sautes them in a fine wine reduction.

Hannibal has superior intellect and actually absorbed much from his extensive education; he truly has the “best words”, displays intellectual curiosity/culture/refined tastes, and cannot tolerate rudeness. Trump likes big boobs and taco bowls.

DOWNFALL: Though he later escaped, Lecter was initially brought down by an extensive FBI perhaps Special Counsel (and former FBI Director) Robert Mueller can similarly uncover the truth when it comes to Trump. Alas, as the Department of Justice hierarchy may be in the President’s pocket, he may prove even slippier than the Cannibal.


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