Trump Villain Comp III : Calvin Candie

Calvin Candie (Django Unchained)

Trump Racist Django CandieLeonardo DiCaprio and Donald Trump have very little in common (beyond frequent NYC tabloid appearances), but with his portrayal of loathsome plantation owner Candie in Tarantino’s  antebellum bloodbath, Leo may have more closely approached Mr. Trump’s personality than he realized.

SIMILARITIES: Candie and Trump share vastly over-inflated egos and misplaced confidence in their own “knowledge” (which is quickly undermined whenever they open their mouths). They're also both invested in prize fighting - boxing for Trump, Mandingo fighting for Candie (though many might say the optics/exploitation are similar).

They both inherited land and live on luxurious properties which bear their names.

They believe in pseudo-science and the inherent inferiority of certain races.

Each conveys a subtext of odd sexual attention for close family members (Candie touts the desirability of his sister, Trump does the same with his daughter).

They tend to treat women like property, fail to deliver on business arrangements, and always have a lawyer at-hand. Neither would be in a position of power without the institutional racism of southern states. Both are defended by self-loathing toady advisors.

DIFFERENCES: Their accents (Queens vs. Deep South), senses of style (pelvis-length tie vs. dainty cravat), and coiffures are all vastly different. Candie is a professed admirer of French culture, while Trump is purely America First!

DOWNFALL: Candie is shot while pushing negotiation terms a bit too far. As DJT has promised to drive very hard bargains with China, Mexico, North Korea, and the Middle East, the Secret Service had best beware....but Donald keeps telling us that he is the Master of the Deal (despite an utter lack of evidence), so certainly he’ll be fine.

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