Confederacy of Dunces

Clay Higgins Louisiana Duck DynastyOften the most enlightening aspect of circus sessions like Cohen’s is seeing obscure reps (and their baffling ineptitude) on display. Among a constellation of sycophantic nincompoops, no star shone dimmer yesterday than Clay Higgins of Louisiana.

Scripted grandstanding, linguistic feebleness, factual unpreparedness, and an inability to comprehend testimony are hallmarks of incompetent back-benchers who melt in the spotlight as a nation watches and asks itself: who elected these people?

Observing officials like Higgins as they struggle to string together sentences or comprehend answers (doggedly pressuring Cohen – whom he hadn’t heard of until today! -- to surrender records that were already seized, searched and returned by the FBI), we’re moved to look deeper at their stories.

Maybe there’s more to these characters than meets the eye?
We wonder...we hope.
But often it’s exactly what you expect.

Alas, the story of Rep. Higgins (like the President he idolizes) reads like pre-fabricated satire.

Apparently, Clay is a thrice-divorced adulterous deadbeat-dad college dropout who sold used cars before entering law enforcement where he was forced to resign from 2 police forces: once for excessive force, once for profiteering via his uniform and airing overtly threatening PSAs.

BTW - One of Higgins' 4 wives was named "Stormy". True story.

This doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a bad person or ineligible to run for office...but it’s a sketchy background for a congressperson and at odds with the condescending and condemning attitude Higgins & the GOP showed Cohen for his past transgressions.

Indeed, Mr. Higgins admits he was a failure in his personal life who “spent 40 years trying to assassinate [his] own character”, but believes that redemption is possible...for himself if not for those impugning Mr. Trump, who naturally endorsed Higgins in 2018.

It’s not simply that Republicans insist on throwing stones in their glass’s that every time they pick up a rock to launch, a weird, dumb snake like Higgins come crawling out.

Where do you find these people?!
Why do you elect them?
Surely America (even Louisiana) can do better...

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